“There is no sure enough pathway to secure shared livelihood and encourage civic responsibility than investing in cultural heritage”

Mirath monitors and evaluates the cultural heritage situation in Syria and the greater Middle East, engages in conflict-zone preservation and mitigation projects, and conducts outreach at the international level for a wide range of governmental and non-governmental audiences. We are dedicated to advocating for the importance of cultural heritage as a tool to bridge people’s differences and to contribute to peace building. The Program comprises a series of integrated activities that operate under Mirath campaigning and field operation units. Our project follows Mirath vision to Create a resilient cultural heritage through fostering community engagement and to advocate for the right to preserve one’s cultural properties.

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The Syrian Virtual Museum Project

An inventory of artifacts in possession of the Syrian archeological museums

By use of academic studies as well as information and data collected throughout 15 years of frequent field visits and personal lectures given at these sites.

The project’s objective is to fill the obvious gap in both the “in country” and public records of these collections and to raise awareness among the Syrian public about their shared heritage.

Syria’s Cultural Map Project

Mapping Syria’s Cultural Heritage

An inventory of Syria’s tangible heritage sites

Mirath is currently building an inventory of Syria’s intangible cultural heritage sites in order to record their importance in popular memory. The database of records will be published on a website and later crowd sourced to the public for further community engagement.