Who We Are

In 2004, a group of Syrians from different backgrounds and walks of life united in a shared interest in their cultural heritage and formed Syria Discovery-Tajwal, one of the first community-based tourism projects in the country. Now known as Mirath, meaning heritage, the initiative is dedicated to documenting and safeguarding Syria’s cultural heritage with the direct involvement of the local community.

Our Long-Term Commitment

Our ultimate goal is to establish a community-based heritage preservation network supported by the active engagement of the Syrian people in the protection and development of their cultural resources. In Post conflict Syria, these local initiatives will become the basis of a community-based tourism (CBT) network which will not only preserve our cultural heritage but generate much-needed income to various local communities, restore a sense of community identity and contribute to peacebuilding.

Hama's waterwheels-Syria Discovery's about us

Our Outcomes

Mirath Outcomes is a community-based organization dedicated to the preservation and promotion of cultural heritage, particularly in regions affected by conflict. The organization operates with a multifaceted approach aimed at achieving specific outcomes across various areas of operation, including growth, advocacy, and field operations.


  • To develop grassroots partnerships with like-minded and locally based initiatives within the civil society and academic sector
  • To network and exchange knowledge with other heritage preservation initiatives around the world, especially those operating during and in post-conflict countries
  • To be recognized and certified as a leading community-based heritage preservation network in Syria
  • To expand our module in heritage preservation under conflict to other initiatives with the same vision worldwide


  • To contribute to creating a resilient cultural heritage
  • To raise awareness of the importance of cultural heritage to re-establish community identity, support peacebuilding, and community development
  • To advocate for the importance of local cultural identity as a route to social inclusion and active citizenship
  • To support policy which fosters community engagement and ensures greater local benefits from cultural heritage
  • To collaborate with different stakeholders on the ground and with international organizations in order to conclude assessments about the present condition of cultural heritage
  • To promote CBT as a strategic tool for the improvement and diversification of rural livelihood in post-conflict society
  • To register the community aspirations and past efforts regarding the preservation process and to communicate that with the various stakeholders on both the local and the global level.
  • To connect other international heritage organizations to a reliable source of information in the field

Field Operation

  • To create a community-based monitoring and preservation network on the ground; Cultural Heritage Monitor (the website) is a tool to engage the people in documenting and preserving their cultural heritage resources
  • To establish a community network which documents, monitors and registers community aspirations / needed development projects relevant to their cultural heritage
  • To document and map the community potential for cultural heritage development
  • To provide logistical support (technical & capacity building) for the community with heritage documentation and preservation in collaboration with other international heritage preservation organizations
  • To jointly plan the basic infrastructure for cultural heritage tourism activities with the different stakeholders
  • To conduct joint-venture training workshops for the community on how to engage with different tourism activities (guiding, monitoring, and preservation & management)

Know More!

Tajwal Program

Learn About Our Past Activities

Syria Exploration Program

Between 2004 and 2011, we conducted various documentation projects, action plans, feasibility studies and research to foster community engagement. Our monthly trekking and camping activities took place throughout Syria and in many parts of the Middle East.

Current Projects

Learn About Our Present Activities

Syria Documentation Program

Since 2011, Mirath has been monitoring and evaluating the cultural heritage situation in Syria and the greater Middle East. Mirath is dedicated to cultural heritage as a tool to bridge people’s differences and to contribute to peacebuilding.

The Phoenix Project

Our vision for a post-conflict Syria

Syria during post-conflict

The Phoenix Project is a community-based tourism network (CBT) which supports the development and exchange of information, facilitates stakeholder cooperation and contacts, improves the quality of development,  and performs advocacy activities in the name of cultural heritage preservation.