“We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our grandchildren”.

Mirath is dedicated to documenting and safeguarding the Syrian cultural heritage. Our vision is to create a resilient cultural heritage where the people of Syria can effectively engage in safeguarding and managing their cultural resources on the basis of sustainable community development methods.

Our Story

Why Mirath?

  • Culture is integral to human development.

  • It is the fabric for the dynamic construction of individual and collective identities.

  • It is a route to social inclusion, peace building, and civic responsibility.

  • The United Nations Declaration of Human Rights is universal and declares culture as an integral part of human rights (Article 27).

  • Being part of the world heritage, the safeguarding of Syria’s culture is everyone’s responsibility.

  • During a post-conflict Syria, cultural heritage is a resource for generating much-needed income to various local communities and it can help restore community identity and pride.

Mirath in Depth

Mirath is dedicated to documenting and safeguarding Syria’s cultural heritage with the direct involvement of the local community. We also aim to establish ourselves as a reliable source of information on the heritage of Syria. Our ultimate goal is to establish a community-based heritage preservation network supported by the active engagement of the Syrian people in the protection and development of their cultural resources.

Mirath, formerly known as Syria Discovery-Tajwal, was established in 2004 by a group of Syrians from different backgrounds and walks of life united in a shared interest in their cultural heritage. It was one of the first community-based tourism projects in the country.

The initiative has three outcomes: Growth, Campaigning, and Field Operations.
Is a application showcases an inventory of Syria’s museum collections from data collected throughout 15 years of frequent field visits and personal lectures given at these sites. The objective is to fill the gap in both “in country” and public records of these collections and to raise awareness among the Syrian public about their shared heritage. As part of their tangible heritage, the collection of Syrian museums provides a physical manifestation of a people’s history and forms an important part of their identity.

We are currently building an inventory of Syria’s tangible heritage sites in order to record their importance in popular memory. The database of records will be published on a website and later be crowd-sourced to the public for further community engagement. The website is a public web application that allows users in the specific targeted area to interact with their cultural assets.

Tajwal Project

Learn About Our Past Activities

Syria Discovery Program

Between 2004 and 2011, our team concluded various documentation projects, action plans, feasibility studies and research to foster community engagement. Our Monthly trekking and camping activities took place throughout Syria and in many parts of the Middle East.

Current Projects

Learn About Our Present Activities

Mapping And Documenting Our Cultural Heritage

Snice late 2011, Mirath monitors and evaluates the cultural heritage situation in Syria and the greater Middle East. Mirath is dedicated to cultural heritage as a tool to bridge people’s differences and to contribute to peacebuilding.

The Phoenix Project

Our vision for post-conflict Syria

Syria during post-conflict

The Phoenix Project is a community-based tourism network (CBT) which supports the development and exchange of information, facilitates stakeholder cooperation and contacts, improves the quality of development,  and performs advocacy activities for cultural heritage preservation.

Syrian children-Syria Discovery
Hours of Development
Heritage Sites Mapped
Listed Museum Items
Posts Reached

Current Year’s Progress

The Virtual Museum Project 88%
Syria’s Heritage Map Project 72%
Over All Progress 40%
Human Resource Requirmnets 35%
Our financial Goals for the current fiscal year 5%

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